Korean Beauty Services - Facial & Makeup

Korean facial services and skincare routines are largely based on vitamin- and enzyme-based products and ampules; together with unique techniques in face contouring & modelling and Meridian skin massage, incorporated with innovative skin rejuvenation science like Iontophoresis, LED energy and ultrasonic wave technology.
A traditional Korean facial typically begins with a cleansing routine and is followed by toning and steam. Korean facials are more likely to use enzyme or chemical exfoliators to gently remove dead skin cell build up. Unlike other kinds of facials, physical exfoliation is a rarity. After cleansing, toning and exfoliating, an ampoule or essence is applied, followed by a mask. This is often a sheet mask, but other mask types used include clay, rubber, and modelling masks. A moisturizing mask is applied afterwards, and extractions may also occur.
At REAL Korean Style Beauty Centre, we provide a full range of facial services from basic treatments to get you started with our style, and also advanced programs using various state-of-the-art technologies for specific needs. You can be sure that all our programs are authentically Korean, utilizing 100% imported Korean technology, products, techniques, skills & even therapist! 

Natural Korean Makeup

Natural & minimalist. Youthful & cheerful.